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Fire Lane Painting in North and Central Texas

Most Texas cities and towns follow the International Fire Code regarding fire and rescue safety regulations. Among the most important of those regulations are the rules about painting fire lanes. Precise Property Maintenance has expertise in fire lane painting in North and Central Texas. Businesses, schools, municipalities, and hospitals throughout the area choose Precise Property Maintenance to ensure their properties comply with fire lane painting requirements, which exist to protect health and safety by maintaining a clear path for fire and rescue vehicles.

Fire lane painting in North and Central Texas is about more than just painting a portion of pavement red. While it’s true that you must clearly mark fire lanes with red paint, you must also mark them along their full length with white letters of a specified height, clearly stating that the area is a fire lane and no parking is permitted.

If the governing municipality believes the markings on the road aren’t adequate to ensure traffic stays clear and drivers won’t park their cars in a way that obstructs the fire lane, they may require additional signage.

Precise Property Maintenance can help. We’ll correctly and clearly mark your fire lanes according to regulations in the cities we serve. These include Dallas-Ft. Worth, Austin, San Antonio, Garland, Irving, Plano, and Arlington. If the city has already determined that you must install additional signage, Precise Property Maintenance can provide that service, too.

When painting a fire lane, lack of experience or insufficient familiarity with the rules can cause delays and may even result in fines or orders to do the work all over again.

That won’t happen if you choose Precise Property Management to paint your fire lanes. We’ll get it right the first time and make sure your fire lines comply with all applicable regulations. If you’re anticipating fire lane painting in North or Central Texas, contact us. You can be confident that your fire lanes will be painted correctly, helping to ensure health and safety for all who occupy or visit your business, school, community center, hospital, or parking area.

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